Roof Installation Manual

2020 new roof construction manual

This document will help you with the installation of your cedar shake and shingle roofs. It is only intended to be used by experienced professionals who follow proper safety and workmanship practices. If you need clarification or more information please contact one of our District Managers. The contents of this manual are not intended to supersede local jurisdiction requirements or building code.

The pages of this manual are available in PDF format files, and in a hard copy (Imperial measure only).

Click here to download the entire roof manual, March 2020 edition.

AutoCad Roof Files

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Table of Contents

  • Page #00—Introduction—New Roof Construction Manual, Certi-label® Products (Download PDF)
  • Page #01—Certi-Label® Products—Certi-label® Cedar Shakes, Certigrade® Cedar Shingles (Download PDF)
  • Page #02—Certi-Label® Products—Pressure-Impregnated Treated Products, Certi-Guard® Fire-Retardant Treated Cedar Shakes & Shingles, Certi-Last® Preservative-Treated Cedar Shakes & Shingles, Tips (Download PDF)
  • Page #03—General Design & Application Details—Sheathing, Staggered Butt Applications (Download PDF)
  • Page #04—General Design & Application Details—Certi-label® Shakes, Certi-label® Shake Application (Download PDF)
  • Page #05—General Design & Application Details—Certi-label®  Shingles, Certi-label® Shingle Application (Download PDF)
  • Page #06—Mansard Roof Details—Overview (Download PDF)
  • Page #07—Low Slope Roof Details—Overview (Download PDF)
  • Page #08—Hip and Ridge Details—Certi-label® Hip and Ridge Details, Tips (Download PDF)
  • Page #09—Roof Juncture Details—Convex Juncture, Concave Juncture, Roof Transitions (Download PDF)
  • Page #10—Roof Juncture Details—Apex Juncture, Swept or Bell Eave, Roof Valley Flashing Details (Download PDF)
  • Page #11—Roof Valley Flashing Details—Valleys: Certi-label® Shingles, Valleys: Certi-label® Shakes (Download PDF)
  • Page #12—Roof Valley Flashing Details—Roof Projection Flashing Details (Download PDF)
  • Page #13—Roof Fastener Guidelines—Nails, Staples (Download PDF)
  • Page #14—Roof Fastener Guidelines—Location/Penetration (Download PDF)
  • Page #15—Ventilation Details—Ventilation Guidelines (Download PDF)
  • Page #16—Ventilation Details—Ridge Vents, Low Slope (6:12 or less), Steep Slope (8:12 or greater), Severe Climate Areas, Tips (Download PDF)
  • Page #17—Specialty Roof Deck Details—Wood Deck, Tips (Download PDF)
  • Page #18—Specialty Roof Deck Details—Rigid Insulation, Cold System Details (Download PDF)
  • Page #19—Cold System Details—Cold Roof System Details (Download PDF)
  • Page #20—Solid Deck Application-High Humidity Area Details—Options (Download PDF)
  • Page #21—Solid Deck Application-High Humidity Area Details—Solid Deck Application/High Humidity Area Details (Download PDF)
  • Page #22—Cedar Care & Maintenance Overview—Certi-label® Cedar is Naturally Long-Lasting, Longevity Starts with a Quality Manufacturer, Longevity Continues with a Quality Installation, Certi-label® Cedar is also Available with Pressure-Impregnated Treatment Process (Download PDF)
  • Page #23—Cedar Care & Maintenance Overview—A Word About Topical Treatments for Installed Roofs, Topical Treatment Products, Power Washing, The Beauty of Cedar (Download PDF)
  • Page #24—Coverage and Exposure Tables—Shingle Coverage Table 1, Shingle Exposure Table 2, Shake Coverage Table 3, Shake Exposure Table 4 (Download PDF)
  • Page #25—Specification Guidelines—General Specification Data, Roof Application-Sheathing Boards, Roofing Felt Interlay (for shakes only), Roofing General Application Data (Download PDF)
  • Page #26—Specification Guidelines—Hips and Ridges, Valleys, Fasteners, Shingles, Shakes (Download PDF)
  • Page #27—How to Read a Certi-label®—Label Diagram (Download PDF)
  • Page #28—Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau® History—History (Download PDF)
roof with unique detail

Photo courtesy of: Robert A. Cardello Architects