Finishes & Coatings FAQ

How can I remove paint from cedar shakes without damage?

The CSSB would suggest speaking to a local painting specialist regarding this matter. Each project has its own unique characteristics and challenges, so caution and expert advice is necessary.

What paint/stain/coating/finish should I use on my roof/sidewall?

For specific questions on paints, stains and coatings the CSSB recommends contacting your local, Member Contractor/Installer or local, competent, professional paint contractor or paint store. The CSSB does offer some information on this topic, in its Finishes/Coatings brochure (1.5MB PDF).

Is staining a problem for painted shingles applied with electro galvanized nails?

The electro galvanized nails can get moisture through the shingle. Not only might they rust, but the paint on the nail head will come off and the rust will bleed through any cracks in the paint.