Sidewall Installation Manual

2020 sidewall manual

This document will help you with the installation and maintenance of your cedar shake and shingle walls.

The pages of this manual are available in PDF format files, and in a hard copy (imperial version only).

Click here to download the entire sidewall manual, March 2020 edition.

Sidewall AutoCAD Files

Sidewall PDF Images

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Table of Contents

  • Page #00—Introduction—About This Manual, Exterior & Interior Walls Construction Manual, Certi-label® Products, Application Notes (Download PDF)
  • Page #01—Certi-label® Western Cedar Products—Certigrade® Western Cedar Shingles, Certi-label® Western Cedar Shakes (Download PDF)
  • Page #02—Certi-label® Western Cedar Products—Certi-label® Western Cedar Sidewall Products, Certi-Cut® Shingles, Sidewall Carton Packaging Example (Download PDF)
  • Page #03—Certi-label® Western Cedar Products—Pressure-Impregnated Treated Products, Certi-Guard® Fire-Retardant Treated Western Cedar Shingles & Shakes, Certi-Last® CCA Preservative-Treated Western Cedar Shingles and Shakes, Certi-label® Sidewall Application Tips (Download PDF)
  • Page #04—Exterior New Wall Construction—Design & Application Details (Download PDF)
  • Page #05—Exterior New Wall Construction—Spacing Detail (Download PDF)
  • Page #06—Sidewall Fastener Guidelines—Nails (Download PDF)
  • Page #07—Sidewall Fastener Guidelines—Staples (Download PDF)
  • Page #08—Sidewall Fastener Guidelines—Single Course Sidewall Fasteners, Double Cours Sidewall Fasteners (Download PDF)
  • Page #09—Exterior New Wall Construction—Single Coursing (Download PDF)
  • Page #10—Exterior New Wall Construction—Double Coursing (Download PDF)
  • Page #11—Exterior New Wall Construction—Corners (Download PDF)
  • Page #12—Exterior New Wall Construction—Design and Application Instructions (Download PDF)
  • Page #13—Exterior Over-Wall and Re-Wall Construction—Design and Application Instructions (Download PDF)
  • Page #14—Exterior Over-Wall and Re-Wall Construction—Over Masonry or Foam Sheathing, Over Stucco (Download PDF)
  • Page #15—Interior Wall Construction—Design and Application Instructions (Download PDF)
  • Page #16—Sidewall Application Guidelines—General Application Notes, Sidewall Application, Fastening Sidewall Shingles/Shakes (Download PDF)
  • Page #17—Sidewall Finishing—Exterior Finishes, The CSSB Recognizes these General Types of Finishes, Certi-label® Western Cedar Sidewall Finishing Systems: Preferred Paint System, Less Durable Paint System, Stains, To Accelerate the Weathering Process  (Download PDF)
  • Page #18—Sidewall Finishing—How Soon to Finish, Surface Cleaning, Extractive Bleeding (Download PDF)
  • Page #19—Sidewall Coverage Table—Certigrade Shingles® – Coverage, Certigroove® Shingles/Rebutted & Rejointed Shingles – Coverage, Coverage Guidelines, Sidewall Shingle Packaging (Download PDF)
  • Page #20—Sidewall Coverage Table—Certi-Split Shakes® – Coverage, Coverage Guidelines, Sidewall Shake Packaging (Download PDF)
  • Page #21—How to Read a Certi-Label®—(Download PDF)
  • Page #22—Back Cover®—Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau® History (Download PDF)