Mother Nature FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I contact for more details regarding pests?

Please contact the following:
Forest Products Lab, Madison, Wisconsin
Telephone: 608-231-9200

Forintek, Vancouver, British Columbia
Telepone: 604-222-5690

What can we do about woodpeckers making holes in our roof or siding?

The CSSB suggests that you install hawk/owl statues or silhouettes around your house to scare them off. Woodpeckers do not like the smell of mothballs, and placing these on or around the structure may also assist you.

View .PDF: FPL-Woodpecker Damage How to Prevent 7-2000.pdf

Do you have any suggestions on what to do about wasps nesting under my cedar shakes?

Check with your local exterminator for more information.

View .PDF: WWPA-Insects Wood or Horn-tailed Wasps 9-94

Are squirrels attracted to cedar roofs?

The CSSB is not aware of a particular tendancy for squirrels to be attracted to cedar roofs. If squirrels are causing a problem, contact your local exterminator for more data.