Product Donation

I am seeking product donations for my charitable project. Can the CSSB help?

CSSB Members have a long and proud history of helping worthy and/or charitable causes with product donations. Send the CSSB office a written request including the project details (see list below). The CSSB will review your request and if, in the CSSB’s sole discretion, deems it to be of interest, will circulate your request to the CSSB Membership.

Product Donation Requests must be in writing and include:

  • Summary of project and the need
  • If project is 100% Certi-label® brand
  • Number of squares
  • Product species, type, dimensions, grade and if pressure-impregnated treatment is required or not (Certi-Guard® or Certi-Last®)
  • 501(c) status if a non-profit organization
  • Contact information members should use, if interested
  • Timeframe for project
  • Benefits to CSSB membership and community

Qualifying project donation opportunities will be circulated to the CSSB membership for consideration. Please note: The CSSB cannot guarantee that a product donation will be offered; this is up to each individual member.