About Us

The Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau® is a non-profit organization that promotes the use of Certi-label® cedar roofing and sidewall products.

Annual General Meeting Information: AGM Notice (PDF)

  • Annual General Meeting starts at 8am Pacific Time (Breakfast 7:30am). Non-Confidential Board of Directors Meeting follows.
  • Please contact the CSSB office for more details and to register your attendance: 604-820-7700 or info@cedarbureau.org

On June 9, 1915, at a meeting of the Trustees of the West Coast Lumber Manufacturers Association, it was agreed to establish a branch of the association to serve those members who manufactured shingles. Our influence grew, and as we survived both the Great Depression and World War II, manufacturers continued their quality commitment. In 1963 the organization merged with the Handsplit Shake Bureau to become the Red Cedar Shingle & Handsplit Shake Bureau.

Manufacturers’ product lines continued to broaden and, in 1988, the members changed the organization’s name to the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau®. In the late 1980s, mill quality control inspections were subcontracted to independent, third party quality control agencies.

Each year the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau®’s staff answer thousands of technical questions and product selection queries. Offering informed Certi-Wood® advice the responsibility for educating the public and building code officials falls on the CSSB. Owing to knowledgeable staff, the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau® has earned the distinction as the recognized industry authority.

Our proud history, quality reputation and dedicated CSSB members, Directors, District Managers and staff form the Certi-Wood® team that showcases trusted Certi-label® products to the world. Bylaws. For full details of the “All or Nothing ” rule click here. Current Penalty Chart. Members are united by their common interest to promote quality products and services.

The CSSB provides a wealth of educational opportunities:

  • Trade/Home shows
  • Retailer/Wholesaler/Distributor/Broker/Contractor yard visits
  • Informative literature
  • Homeowner Association presentations
  • Media Relations
  • Technical assistance
  • Seminars for a wide range of target audiences including architects, ( AIA, CES provider) building officials and contractors